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Spring Term 2013 TOP: NATIVE AMER INSIDE - 3787 - MUHI 210
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Prerequisites/Notes: Sophomore standing

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This course will enable non-music majors to engage with the discipline of music history. Does not satisfy course requirements for any music major.

Topic for Fall 2012: American Popular Music
Survey of the history of American popular music, from the mid-19th century to the present, tracing the development of musical styles and genres and focusing on the role of print and audio-visual media. Students will develop skills to describe, analyze, and interpret the musical form and lyrical content of a variety of popular music genres. Lectures will emphasize representations of race, class, gender, sexuality, and nationality in popular music.

Topic for Winter 2013: National Identity and the American Musical
From its origins in vaudeville and minstrel shows to the present day, musicals have participated in the formation of American national identity. This course will examine the relationship between music theater and politics and the changing face of national identity through a historical survey of the American musical.

Topic for Winter 2013: The Beatles--Four Lads Who Shook the World
A survey of The Beatles' career from their formation and early development, rise to superstardom, and influence in popular music in the 1960s, to their subsequent adoration as cultural icons. Discussions will center on presentations of audio and video clips, and simple analyses of music and lyrics relating socio-cultural, political, and other extra-musical factors to popular music.

Topic for Spring 2013: The Native American Inside -- Perspectives of Contemporary Indigenous Women
This course is designed as an interdisciplinary examination of Native identity and the changing role of women in indigenous culture. It will explore the ways gender, race, and ethnicity shape musical discourse as well as narrative constructions of nation in regional contexts. All course readings written by indigenous women authors.

Topic for Spring 2013: Popular Music, 1954-1979 -- The Rise of Rock-and-Roll
Growing out of the need for the young generation to have a voice separate from the influence of their parents, Rock-and-Roll will be studied from its genesis in the mid-50s, combining influences from R&B, Country, and Pop, through the variety of sub-genres in the 60s to the punk and disco movements in the 70s that attempted to return R/R to its simpler origins and functions. Movers and shakers who shaped the growth and acceptance of R/R as a popular artistic culture as well as the multitude of social, political, and racial challenges that influenced popular music will be the basis of discussions in class.

Attributes: Fine Arts Div GER (01cr), Diversity-Dimens GER (01cr), Foundation/Gateway Course


Spring Term 2013


Brigetta F. Miller


MUHI 210

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Final Exam

Tuesday, Jun 04, 2013 08:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.





Class Time

12:30-02:20 TR SHAT 156

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Mar 25, 2013-Jun 05, 2013


Appleton Main Campus



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