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Fall Term 2013 TOP: LANG, GENDER, SEXUALITY - 5131 - ANTH 500
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Prerequisites/Notes: Junior standing and at least two courses in anthropology or consent of instructor

Catalog Description : An examination of a particular topic in contemporary anthropology. The specific topic investigated changes each year. Students are expected to carry out independent research on the topic, either through a review of relevant literature or through field or laboratory work.

Topic for Fall 2013: Language, Gender, and Sexuality
This course will critically examine how language becomes a critical component in the construction of gender and sexuality. We will investigate how certain ways of speaking come to be associated with particular gendered identities and ideologies of cultural practice as well as how sexuality is constituted and performed through verbal and nonverbal communication. Covering a range of theoretical perspectives and case studies will allow us to understand the crucial role language plays in negotiations of power as theyrelate to gender and sexuality.

Topic for Winter 2014: Cultural Consensus Analysis
In this course students will study the theory, methods, and achievements of cultural consensus analysis in anthropology. Cultural consensus analysis is a method of describing shared understandings (culture) within a specific cultural domain (such as health, food, or success) using structured, empirical data and mathematical models. This course will include a group research project studying Lawrence student culture.

Topic for Spring 2014: Anthropology of/and Colonialism
As the anthropology of colonialism, this course will study colonial conquests, colonial expeditions, anti-colonial struggles, works of missionaries, settler culture, forced labor and colonial governance, just to list a few topics. As anthropology and colonialism, this course examines how the discipline of anthropology, its concept of culture and its methods of observation and data collection emerged out of colonialism. It affords the opportunity to reevaluate the methods, theory and disciplinary identity of anthropology.

Topic for Spring 2014: Critical Medical Anthropology
An advanced seminar, critical medical anthropology draws from critical theory (Marxism, poststructuralism, deconstructionism) to consider the influence of political-economic inequality on the distribution of disease, and to question fundamental assumptions of Western biomedicine. Subject areas will include: the political economy of health, global health, body politic and body praxis, gender and health.

Attributes: Social Science Div GER (01cr), BM Social Science (01cr), Advanced Course


Fall Term 2013


Mary K. Good


ANTH 500

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Final Exam

Monday, Nov 25, 2013 11:30 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.





Class Time

09:50-11:00 MWF BRIG 305

Start-End Date

Sep 16, 2013-Nov 26, 2013


Appleton Main Campus



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