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Winter Term 2018 TOP: KAK YA STAL RUSSKIM - FIST 287
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Prerequisites/Notes: RUSS 250 or consent of instructor

Catalog Description : This course will examine topics in Russian film. Topics may include specific generes (e.g., the sad comedy), the work of a director or tradition, films important for a specific historical moment (e.g., The Thaw or World War Two), or films devoted to a specific theme. Students will expand their Russian vocabulary, improve fluency, increase speaking confidence and gain cultural knowledge by viewing Russian films and analyzing the psychology of the characters. Throughout this course, students will be introduced to the practice of reading the filmic text using three structuring lenses: 1) history, 2) formal and generic elements, and 3) film criticism. May be repeated when topic is different.

Topic for Winter 2018: Kak ya stal russkim
This course is structured around the recent Russian TV series, "Kak ya stal russkim" (“How I Became Russian”). Together with Alex, an American journalist in Moscow, students will discover the complexities of contemporary Russian life. How to relate to your colleagues at work? How to rent an apartment in Moscow? How to interact with police? When and how to give a bribe? What are the cultural norms regarding dating? What are some superstitions that you shouldn’t question? Students will learn and practice a host of colloquial expressions and idioms. The course has a special concentration on the advanced skills of description and comparison.

Attributes: Language GER (01cr), BM Language GER (01cr), Foundation/Gateway Course


Winter Term 2018


Victoria Kononova


FIST 287

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Final Exam

Monday, Mar 12, 2018 03:00 p.m. - 05:30 p.m.




Child of Cross-listing

Class Time

03:10-04:20 MWF MAIN 203

Start-End Date

Jan 03, 2018-Mar 14, 2018


Appleton Main Campus



Cross Listed as

RUSS 287