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Spring Term 2020 Field Experience in Development - ECON 206
This course is cross listed.
Students must register for GOVT 401.
See GOVT 401 for course materials.
Students may submit a cross list request form to have the class listed on academic records as ECON 206.
Approval of the instructor is required for registration.

Prerequisites/Notes: at least one of GOVT 245, GOVT 248, GOVT 340, GOVT 500, I-E 295 (Topics: Sports Entrepreneurship)

Catalog Description : Students engaged in this course will have the opportunity to do field research in a developing country. Each student will develop and implement a project that concerns a political, economic, social, or environmental issues that is important in the country visited. Past Field Experiences have taken place in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Jamaica, and Morocco. Students will also have the opportunity to learn from both national and local leaders in the country of research, and to participate in community engaged learning through volunteer activities. Class members will actually travel during either winter or spring break. Students should register for GOVT 401 in the term prior to the planned travel. They should also register in the subsequent term, when they will present their research to the wider Lawrence community. [ Note: two terms of GOVT 401 are considered the equivalent of a six unit 400-level GOVT course].

Location for 2019-20: Jamaica during spring break 2020. Admission is by application; contact Prof. Skran for more information about the application process.

Planned Location for 2020-21: West Africa (Sierra Leone and Gambia)

Attributes: Social Science Div GER (01cr), Diversity-Global GER (01cr), BM Social Science (01cr), Foundation/Gateway Course


Spring Term 2020


Claudena Skran


ECON 206

Grade Mode

Standard IP



Final Exam

Tuesday, Jun 09, 2020 11:30 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.




Child of Cross-listing

Class Time

12:30-02:20 TR BRIG 206

Start-End Date

Mar 30, 2020-Jun 10, 2020


Appleton Main Campus



Cross Listed as

GOVT 401, ENST 311